Guidelines for Translating the SAVI® Grid

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If you have attended one or more SAVI trainings and are interested in translating the SAVI Grid into your own language, please contact a SAVI Trademark representative (Claudia Byram or Fran Carter). Because this is trademarked and copyrighted material, translations can only be made with the approval of the Trademark representatives.

The process of creating an authorized translation often takes several rounds of revision.  The steps below are offered to help you assess your resources for this project. Detailed instructions are available from the Trademark representatives.

SAVI Grid Translation Process

  1. Contact the Trademark representatives (Claudia Byram & Fran Carter) to discuss your goals and resources for creating the translation.
  2. You will need a Translator and one, or preferably two, Back-translators. The Translator translates the grid from English into your desired language. The Back-translator then translates that version back into English. Review and revise through as many iterations as necessary until you are satisfied with the back-translation. Use the definitions to help with the nuances of the back-translation.
  3. Review the back-translation with the SAVI Trademark representatives. If necessary, repeat the process of translation and back-translation until both you and Trademark representatives are satisfied with it.
  4. Ensure that all the proper information is included at the bottom of the grid:
    • Trademark notice.
    • Copyright notice using the date shown on the Grid being translated.
    • The phrase “Translated with permission of the copyright representatives”.
    • The note “This Grid is designed for use in conjunction with SAVI training. Outside of this context, the content of the Grid may be ambiguous or confusing.”
  5. Only when the Trademark representatives approve the final back-translation, will the translated Grid will be available for use.
    • A copy of both the back-translation and the foreign language translation will be added to the core SAVI materials file.
    • The translated Grid will become intellectual property of SAVI Communications, LLC.
  6. No company names or logos or individual’s names may appear on the Grid. If requested, the name of the translator may appear, listed as translator.