18 Apr 2024
Using SAVI as a Diagnostic Tool: Putting SAVI to Work

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Using SAVI as a Diagnostic Tool: Putting SAVI to Work


Where Online    
When April 18 - 20 @ 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Trainers Fran Carter and Claudia Byram
Contact Full details and registration: email carter2229@aol.com →
Level(s) Level 2;
This Level 2 training builds on the understanding developed in the SAVI Patterns Not People workshop. Using the theory underlying SAVI and the SAVI Grid, we will focus on how to assess the potential for a communication pattern to reach the stated goals of a system and from them, develop diagnostic hypotheses, plan an intervention strategy, test the intervention and assess the outcome.
We will explore some patterns in depth, attuning to the “music” of the different patterns as wells as developing the capacity to produce a wider range of SAVI behaviors.
Prerequisites: SAVI Level 1 trainings and Level 2 Patterns Not People workshop.
  • Recognize at least 4 SAVI patterns as manifest in communication behaviors
  • Identify the key system issues in 4 common patterns using theory in relation to goal of context
  • List the basic steps in identifying, diagnosing and planning interventions in patterns
  • Plan and practice interventions

Fee: $450