Paula Nordhauzen, BA

Paula Nordhauzen

Paula works as a consultant, trainer, and project manager in the Netherlands and abroad. She often works with pioneering organizations driven by purpose or organizations eager to make ‘change’ the norm, like in self-organization or with innovative start-ups.

To her, communication is the key to both reaching goals and having everybody’s energy available in the team. Paula is a SAVI-certified trainer and uses SAVI to work through difficult conversations, create better-structured meetings, and build relationships that work.

She is fascinated by group dynamics and loves how SAVI provides tools to analyze and navigate through stages of team development. She wrote a book with Peter Kunneman about SCT in organizations. The workshops are in English or Dutch, offline or online. You can expect lots of practice and learnings in creative ways.


Country/Countries Netherlands;
Language(s) Dutch; English;