Cunera van Hal, Ir.

Cunera van Hal

Cunera van Hal, MSc.
Cunera is a Certified SAVI trainer based in the Netherlands, Europe. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of organizational development as trainer, coach and consultant. Working from a systems perspective with leaders, professionals and (management) teams on team development, leadership and effective communication.  She has been using SAVI since the first workshop in 2011 in her professional and personal life. She is fascinated by the clarity and depth of SAVI and keeps discovering new applications. Cunera conducts the SAVI Workshops: Introduction to SAVI- Having Conversations that Work; Deepening Your SAVI Skills –
Giving and Receiving Savvy Feedback and Seeing Patterns, Not People. 
She also develops SAVI workshops tailored to specific organizational problems, like malfunctioning meetings, or for specific professionals, like team coaches.  She works with clients in the private and public sector.  She conducts SAVI workshops both in English and Dutch.
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Country/Countries Netherlands;
Language(s) Dutch; English;
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