Ben Benjamin, PhD

Ben Benjamin

Ben has been teaching communication skills as both a trainer and an executive coach for over 40 years. With Amy Yeager and Anita Simon, he co-authored Conversation Transformation, which makes the SAVI framework accessible to a wider audience and enables any individual, team, or organization to use SAVI-based strategies to improve their relationships and the results of their work.

As a senior certified-SAVI® trainer, Ben has been teaching SAVI since 2003. He has developed applications of SAVI in health care, corporate, educational, multicultural, and non-profit organizations. He has also previously developed materials for year-long courses concentrating on applying SAVI to meeting management, performance evaluations, and giving and receiving feedback.

Recently, with contributions from many SAVI trainers, Ben and Cunera van Hal completed a series of eight SAVI webinars on the basic SAVI foundation skills. And he is currently working in concert with others to combine SAVI with the knowledge and skills to enhance conversation about race and racism.

A principal of Catalyst Communication Partners, Ben has conducted SAVI-based training throughout the United States and Sweden and integrates SAVI as an invaluable tool into his current executive coaching and consulting work.

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