Annika Hall, Ph.D.

Annika Hall

Annika is an independent advisor specializing in ownership transition in family businesses. In these processes, the ability to have constructive problem-solving meetings is central to long-term success and lasting change. The focus of her work is to facilitate communication and help the owning family strengthen their system while working their way towards solutions that they can all agree on. The role of communication facilitator is also one of her roles, as she works as a chair of boards and family/owner governance meetings. Annika is a certified SAVI trainer. From the first time she met SAVI, she knew that this was the “piece of the puzzle” that she had long been searching for in her role of advisor. She is fascinated by how SAVI opens up possibilities for more productive meetings, increased creativity, and closer relationships. Annika’s SAVI workshops are online or offline, in Swedish or in English.
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Country/Countries Sweden;
Language(s) English; German; Swedish;