About SAVI® Communications, LLC

We are a small team with passion for our work

  • SAVI Communications houses the intellectual property that is SAVI and the network of SAVI Trainers, steered by a core group of certified SAVI Trainers.
  • We represent the intention of the developers of SAVI, Anita Simon and Yvonne Agazarian, to make SAVI ideas and training available to the public while protecting the intellectual integrity of the system and the values that guide its use.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to the understanding of human communication through teaching SAVI and conducting SAVI-based research.
  • To conserve the integrity of SAVI as a theory-based system.
  • We work together to explore ways to increase awareness of SAVI and broaden its use in educational, clinical, business, non-profit and personal settings.

Roles in SAVI Communications, LLC

  • Principals of SAVI Communications, LLC: Claudia Byram, Fran Carter
  • Core Group: Ben Benjamin, Claudia Byram, Fran Carter, Rowena Davis, Cunera van Hal, Amy Yeager, Alida Zweidler-McKay
  • Trademark Representatives: Claudia Byram, Fran Carter
  • Network: All SAVI trainers are members of the SAVI Communications Network

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