SAVI® Curriculum and Certification

We are a small team with passion for our work

SAVI Communications has created a training and certification program for those interested in learning to lead SAVI workshops and represent themselves as SAVI trainers.

The training steps leading to certification are based on 20 years’ experience observing and training people who have gained mastery in their use of SAVI. The steps are flexible, can be adapted to individual situations, and can include workshops or training experiences equivalent to those listed here.

Certification is competency-based and assessed by the Trademark representatives (Claudia Byram & Fran Carter).

Certified SAVI Trainers can…

  • Offer SAVI Trainings
  • Represent themselves as SAVI Trainers
  • Reproduce and sell core SAVI materials
  • Adapt and develop other SAVI materials for specific applications
  • Have their contact information listed on the SAVI Communications Website
  • Join the SAVI Network of trainers

Time Frame: Time to complete the full sequence varies, depending on the availability of workshops, level of experience, and time and energy invested in training.

For more information about the certification program and material license contact Claudia Byram or Fran Carter.

SAVI Training Sequence

Introduction to SAVI: Having Conversations that Work (2 days)
Learn the basics of SAVI method, theory, and practice.

Deepening Your SAVI Skills: 
Giving and Receiving Savvy Feedback (2 days)

Deepen your knowledge of SAVI theory, alerts, and strategies in the context of giving and getting feedback.

Phone seminars: Practice in SAVI — Development of SAVI Skills (ongoing 5-session phone seminars) 
Develop greater fluency in identifying verbal behaviors, locating them in the SAVI Grid, and planning for intervention.

Seeing Patterns, Not People (2 days)
Learn to identify common patterns of communication in a system and the driving and restraining forces of different patterns.

SAVI as a Diagnostic Tool (2 days)
Explore the flow through the SAVI Grid and widen the range of “alert” recognition, communication diagnosis, and development of strategies for change.

Practice in SAVI: Ongoing Development of SAVI Skills (ongoing 5-session phone seminars)
Develop greater skill in identifying verbal behaviors, locating them in the SAVI Grid, and planning for intervention.

SAVI Coding and Theory Workshop (3 days)
Link the theory underlying SAVI with an understanding of communication patterns and in-depth recognition and coding of SAVI behaviors.

SAVI Coding and Theory Phone Seminars (12 sessions)
Build on SAVI Coding and Theory Seminar, integrate and deepen an understanding of SAVI theory, accurately recognize and produce behaviors, and develop a diagnosis of the communication dynamics.

Trainers’ Training (3 days)
Prerequisites: Completion of all of the above. 
Master the theory underlying SAVI, modeling the use of SAVI in teaching and developing teaching units for presentation.

SAVI Trainers’ Training Phone Seminars (12 sessions)
Deepen readiness for leading Introduction to SAVI Workshops.

Self-Study Units: SAVI Coding Practice and Assigned Readings

Co-Leading Experiences with SAVI Trainer 
Prerequisites: Completion of preceding training experiences, or equivalent.