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Guidelines for Translations of the SAVI® Grid

If you have attended one or more SAVI trainings and are interested in translating the SAVI Grid into your own language, please contact Fran Carter or Claudia Byram to discuss your goals, resources and the process.  This is quite a bit of work and can take several rounds of revision to get the best representation of the meanings of the category labels.  The guidelines below will help you assess your resources for this project.

SAVI Grid Translation Process

  1. The person who wants the translation (the Requestor) and meets the criteria, employs at least two people: a Translator and a Back-translator (preferably two Back-translators). 

  2. The Translator completes a translation of the grid: English into Language X. The Back-translator completes a back-translation: Language X back into English. 

  3. The Requestor reviews the back-translation and brings any problems or concerns to the Translator’s attention. After the Translator makes the necessary revisions, the Back-translator completes a new back-translation. This process is repeated until the Requestor is satisfied with the back-translation.

  4. The Requestor brings the semi-final back-translation to Claudia and Fran in their Trademark roles and reviews it with them. If necessary, the process of refinement through translation and back-translation is repeated until both Requestor and Trademark holders are satisfied with it.

  5. The Requestor makes sure that all the proper information is included at the bottom of the grid: 
    • trademark notice
    • copyright notice using the date of the original grid
    • the phrase "translated with permission of the copyright holders" 
    • the note "This Grid is designed for use in conjunction with SAVI training. Outside of this context, the content of the grid may be ambiguous or confusing."

  6. Fran and Claudia approve the final back-translation and put a hard copy of both the back-translation and the foreign language translation in the core SAVI materials file. 

  7. No company names or logos or individual's names may appear on the grid. If requested, the name of the translator may appear listed as translator. 

Note: Regardless of how accurately the grid terms are translated, there will always be the need for training to diminish ambiguity. The Requestor should have access to the definitions to help him or her with the nuances of the back translation.

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