SAVI Communications

Our Mission

  • Supporting cooperation, collaboration and problem-solving in groups, organizations, and families through use of SAVI theory and tools.
  • Contributing to interdisciplinary understanding of human communication through teaching SAVI and conducting SAVI-based research.
  • Conserving the integrity of SAVI as a theory-based system.

Our Values

  • Respecting the integrity of each person, as well as the integrity of the theory.
  • Fostering change through choice, rather than manipulation.
  • Teaching others to achieve change through change in their own behavior, while acknowledging each person’s capacity to change.
  • Separating communication behavior from personal intentions or motivations.
  • Analyzing the system communication pattern rather than focusing on individual people.
SAVI® was developed by Yvonne Agazarian and Anita Simon.
SAVI® is a registered trademark of Claudia Byram & Frances Carter.
© 2018 Claudia Byram & Frances Carter.